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On behalf of Mark and Julie McLaughlin, along with co-hosts Rob Prunetti, Jordan and Lauren Burroughs, and Matt and Kristen Tormenti, The Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center. invited a group of civic minded individuals, wrestlers, friends, and associates to celebrate the kickoff of the "Be The Bridge Campaign".

The event was held at the McLaughlin Residence on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 -  benefitting the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center.

Dr. McLaughlin and others spoke to the importance of this undertaking in order to fulfill the objectives and mission of the organization.

Campaign Launch - Be The Bridge

Our work and our programs could not be more timely or more critical, as we coach, inspire, and build the next generation of young athlete leaders in the Trenton, NJ area and beyond. Our community, coaches, staff, volunteers, and of course, our athletes, are calling on you to lend a hand and be the bridge that supports and strengthens the mission of the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center.

We know sports and education are powerful tools in uplifting our youth and empowering them to be the confident and well-rounded community leaders of tomorrow. The Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center is powering this truth every day, and we invite you to be the bridge within our community and support our important work for the years to come.

Watch our video to learn more about why we deserve your support

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