Be The Bridge

Dear Friends,

Two decades ago, I became the head of a fledgling Princeton recreational youth wrestling program. Over time and with the help of the University wrestling staff and the community, we grew and created a nationally recognized training center that supports all levels of wrestling and academic excellence.

Having seen firsthand the benefits of that passionate endeavor, I looked south to Trenton, a city with an abundance of untapped talented young boys and girls that could benefit from the lessons the sport of wrestling can offer.

In partnership with the Bethea family, who were born and raised in Trenton but had to travel to Princeton for their wrestling experience, we created the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center, modeling it on the tenets of that successful Princeton program. As we look to the next important chapter of our work, we are now in need of expanding our circle of friends and supporters.

Our mission is to provide year-round free wrestling instruction, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, and wrap-around educational services to Trenton boys and girls. Our objective, which we have already begun to realize, is to establish a deep network of disciplined and successful feeder programs within the school system. Now, we are calling on you to join our mission. We need to expand our school-based network, enhance our critical programming, and provide a free-standing
training and educational facility for our athletes to achieve our ethos of scholar athleticism.

The successful implementation of this plan will result in disciplined and focused young people ready for the challenges of high school and beyond. Not only will these student athletes strengthen their local high school wrestling program, but we believe they will become leaders and role models for their fellow students - thus brightening the future for all!

We invite you to review our Be The Bridge Campaign and discover why your support is critical to continue growing and strengthening the great work of the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center.

Always In Your Corner,


Mark R. McLaughlin, MD