Priority Areas For Support


To secure consistency and stability of the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center, it is critical that we secure funding to establish a full-time position for our Director of Operations, Raamiah Bethea. This is a vital role to the center that will allow us to build upon our success and established track record and provide our student athletes with
a stable, reliable leader and exemplar of our ideals.


The Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center will be establishing a permanent homebase for the organization in Trenton, NJ. This will include either securing a physical space to renovate and configure or constructing a new permanent home to meet the needs of the young people we serve. Within this structure, we will provide both training spaces for wrestling and all complementary fitness regimens. The facility will also house the leadership of the organization and will allow for the ancillary services that our center provides in the years ahead – including educational support services and programs that will meet the demanding needs of young student
athletes today. This new facility will also include a “community gathering” hall for special events, activities, and programs that strengthen our overall work.


After funding our Director of Operations position and establishing our free standing facility, our next objective is to establish a full-time position of Director of Girl’s Development. This woman will serve as a community outreach coordinator and coach. Our center has a rich history of successful girls wrestling, and we currently have one of the leading teams in the state. Our goal is to increase the enrollment of elementary and middle school girl wrestlers to continue strengthening and inspiring our already-established team.


As we advance the above stated priorities, we will also expand the breadth and depth of our work so that all the programs of the center will include after school tutoring and counseling – emphasizing the health and wellness of every young person in the Trenton Youth Wrestling and Learning Center. Most importantly, we will strengthen the organizational “pillars” and professionalize all organizational functions, including creating an exciting volunteer program to help foster the health and wellness of each athlete and improve all facets of the organization’s work.


This reserve fund ensures that the organization not only establishes itself as a well-managed nonprofit, but it provides ongoing financial security. The fund will provide added resources for the leadership to expand, support, and sustain certain programs over the years ahead. The fund will also allow for capital to be available to assess and enhance programs to meet the changing and demanding needs of the young people served. The Fund will allow for the organization to build a firm financial base – always prepared for those challenging and rainy days ahead. The Fund, once established, will provide no less than one-year in operating expenses.