I began wrestling my freshman year of high school.

I didn’t really know what wrestling was before I started, but through my years of high school I fell in love with the sport. It has taught me so many things such as, being disciplined and being able to support and work with a team while also handling my own and doing my job to help my team succeed. I won over 90 matches throughout my high school career. I was a district champ. I was also the first from Trenton H.S. to qualify for the State Wrestling Tournament after all the Bethea brothers graduated. I currently attend and wrestle at Rider University.


This sport has a lot of ups and downs, but I am grateful for every moment because I learn from them all. I am grateful to be from Trenton because it is the city that made me the individual I am. I am also grateful for Trenton Youth Wrestling, because being from Trenton there is a lot of negativity and being a part of TYW gives kids something to look forward to. TYW also makes me want to be a better man and role model. I know there are young children that are looking up to me wanting to follow in my foot steps, and it’ll be easier for them knowing that someone that is from where they are from and dealing with the same things that they deal with on a day to day basis can succeed.

Herb Edwards

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